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WhatsApp feature is back! Reinstalled the Removed Feature!
WhatsApp has reinstalled its previously removed feature. It was stated that with the return of the media bar that was removed from the camera interface, photos could be sent more easily.

With the update it released, WhatsApp changed the camera interface and when you wanted to send a photo or video to someone, you could quickly select from the horizontal media bar. But this feature has been removed in the past weeks and has replaced it with an option to send the last photo in the gallery. Upon the intense reaction from users, WhatsApp took a step back and reloaded it and offered it to users.

WhatsApp announced that the media bar has returned to the camera interface with the beta update released for the iOS application. As before, users will be able to quickly select recent media from the gallery when they want to send someone a photo/video or share a status.

If you are using WhatsApp beta on your iPhone, you can get the new interface by installing the latest update from the App Store. If you are not in beta, you have to wait for the feature to reach you. The features that WhatsApp has tested are generally available to the general public in a short time. Therefore, it will not take long for the media bar to arrive. The innovations of the meta-connected messaging platform are not limited to this. WhatsApp has also recently updated the voice calls interface in its iOS app. With the new design, the participants will appear in a box. In addition, thanks to sound waves, it will be possible to understand who is speaking at that moment.